Building a Fitness Plan for Burning Fat


This is a guide to help build a fitness plan to optimize fat burn while exploring the genetic makeup, maximum potential, and optimal nutrition plan you.

Body fat is something that the human body naturally retains due to our biological make up. But too much body fat can lead to a plethora of health concerns like an increased risk of stroke and heart attacks. Many people look to burn fat for aesthetic reasons to make themselves look better, while others need to burn fat to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Throughout this post, I will outline the genetic makeup, maximum potential, and nutrition to building a personalized fitness plan to help burn fat.


genetic makeup
Genetics is the foundation to body composition

There is a big genetic factor to the storage and burning of body fat. Genetics has a strong correlation to your level of body fat and how the body stores and uses the fat. Genetics would be the starting point for any sort of training regiment as everyone is different and their biological makeups vary. Variables like fatty cell content, hormones, and difference in fat setting point will all influence how body fat is burned for a particular individual. In order to maximize fat burn, you must understand your genetic makeup and what your body does best and also struggles the most with. Some people realize their genetic makeup is extremely difficult for burning fat and they seek out alternative methods to burning fat (like liposuction and weight loss pills); no matter what method you choose, make sure you do adequate research before proceeding with any alternative method. Constructing a fitness plan around your basic genetic makeup is the foundation for success.


Potential is the best possible outcome

Potential is different than ability. We often talk about potential as something that someone is truly capable of if everything went exactly as planned; but we all know the chance of this happening is slim to none. Regardless, we must construct our fitness plans around our max potential so we can truly strive for the best that we can achieve. The reality is we will most likely fall short of our max potential, but why strive for reality when we can strive for more? Setting out a fitness plan that is difficult to achieve but attainable will maximize our efforts in reaching that goal. Never settle for what’s easy because easy is not achieving results; you have to work to achieve the goals that you set out for and it is the work that will get you the best results.


Nutrition is the key to good health

Nutrition is the key to burning body fat and keeping it off. You can exercise all you want, but you will not be able to maintain results if you don’t eat healthy. Eating healthy allows the body to be replenished with healthy nutrients and prevent the buildup of fatty cells inside the arteries which can cause strokes and heart attacks. Knowing your body’s metabolism and genetic makeup will also help with building an effective nutrition plan. We must remember that everyone is genetically different, so finding the right nutritional plan for you is important to your fitness success.

At the end of the day, building the perfect fitness plan requires a lot of self understanding of what your body requires and how it metabolizes. Some people’s fitness plan may be heavily focused on nutrition whereas others will be more focused on exercise and weight lifting. The key is finding what works best for you, and pushing yourself beyond your limits to achieve your max potential.